From Chairman's Desk

" Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself ", says John Dewey. Our endeavour too is to arm our students with life-skills to face the real world, to fly off to the heights like a butterfly from its cocoon. No doubt, our students will reach the zenith, as we plan them a future not as an employee somewhere, but as an employer to many.

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With a unique style, our focus is to nurture our students as self-motivated, independent, confident and primary as humans, with love and care at the core of the heart.

The family ambience that suspends in the atmosphere itself will give you an idea how each child is groomed to a perfect human being with individual care and support.

The feeling of home away from home will make you forget Stella Maris as a mere boarding school. With lot many loving faces around them, the students consider us as their second home.

We make them excel not only in academics, but also in courtesy, discipline, personality and social responsibility, the mantras to a successful future.

Together with excellent teachers, supporting staffs and parents, we believe not in a uniform academic excellence, but in individual talent grooming. That is, apart from scholars, we mould entrepreneurs, artists etc. depending on your child's inborn tastes.

The stress free learning environment encourages creativity and critical thinking, making Stella Maris the best host for your children's education.

We love to give you the best.

- Dennis Jose