We look forword to mould a promising generation with multi-faceted talents and integrity, resulting in an overall development of the public.


We always stand to provide the best quality education so as to be an international school in every aspect, moulding global citizens capable of leading a successful life around the world.


You and I are different and so is our talents. Expecting a child to be like another one is burdensome, instead look for the uniqueness of each child.

About Us

Stella Maris Boarding School provides premium education with CBSE curriculum and with an innovative vision in the field of education and personal excellence. We encourage students embrace the challenges and to learn from failures, making them the steping stones into success.

Small but robust class sizes, year around enrichment programmes & international education to support academic excellence and all points to the reason why Stella Maris is the best. Active, current, hygienic, green and secure amenities add on to the quality.

Our management reveals & exhibits vision, transparency and accountability. We make children vie, whiz kids and boisterous with deep rooted ethos of Indian culture.

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international cbse schools in kerala
international cbse schools in kerala