Hostel Facilities

SMBS have separate Boys and Girls hostel in the campus. Ample time is provided for studies and leisure activities.

Student-faculty interaction can be experienced at its best by the students. Here the teaching methods are more personalized as each student can get individual attention of the teachers who are staying in the hostel. Special Tutors are assigned for students who need extra support in Learning. Separate tuition is available during morning & evening.

Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality, discipline and value education. The food offered is not only very tasty and healthy veg/ non vegetarian food but also basic etiquette at the dinner table is focussed on. This rounds-off life in the hostel to being a home away from home. Varieties of food is served for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Farm fresh organic vegetables from our vegetable garden and fresh milk from our dairy farm makes us different from other boarding schools. Special home-made snacks are served along with tea/coffee during evening.

Eco-Friendly Campus

Our campus, peaceful with lush vegetation and yet stimulating with unique, purpose built facilities, provides the environment for both our educators and our students to have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of each other.

The eco-friendly structures of the campus that is designed by an eminent architect imparts a pleasant feel to the entire campus. In other words, the entire campus is a great place to learn and grow, listening to the invisible poetry of nature.