Mr.Abdul Jaleel, Emirates Airlines, Dubai UAE

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the school chairman Mr.Dennise Jose and to the teachers, for the changes you brought into my son's life. He has developed his studies and personality since I brought him to Stella Maris from Dubai. I am confident that I found the right boarding school for him, with a homely atmosphere and boarding amenities. Stella Maris is very dynamic, with numerous extra-curricular initiatives in indulgence with students and their overall development. I am really grateful to you.

Mr.& Mrs.Baiju Executive Sales manager, Bajaj Allianz

I would honestly appreciate the school chairman and the teachers for your passion and commitment towards upbringing a standard international standard school in a rural premises. Stella Maris fulfilled my dreams through my son, being able to provide him a quality education at an affordable cost. It took my 15 years with an MNC to set my goals. Now I am happy that , my child is well set under your proper guidance. Thank you for the prayerful homely ambience you maintain there.

Mr. A.P.Sankaranarayan, Director, HR Gateways

I am in acquaintance with SMIBS for the past two years where my son is schooling. He joined the school hostel as a mischievous and an under performing student. But, now he is disciplined and ambitious. My wife and myself are very grateful to SMIB.

Susan John,
Fromer student

I don't know whether I am ready to face the world but I am sure not ready to leave this school, its safe harbour with some of my strongest anchors - my beloved teachers and friends...

Ruben Joseph,
Fromer student

has helped me to scale great heights in academics. Joining this institution was the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

Panchimma Cherian,
Fromer student

I have met many people, students and teachers, whom Ill never forget in my years to come. My hostel has been the best and we had great fun being together like a family. I will miss this place and everyone whom lye met here.