cbse boarding school in kerala

Stellamaris boarding school is a pre-university level school in Kerala. Boarding students are allowed to go home in school holidays and weekends. A typical boarding school has several separate residential houses within the school premises. Generally, students need permission to go outside of school compound. We provide teachers of highly qualified and technically skilled for helping students in their academics. General rules followed by the students of Stella Maris:-

  • Be punctual in reporting school as well as class on time.
  • Be respectful towards your teachers, parents and classmates.
  • Students should keep the school premises clean.
  • It is compulsory to bring the school id card to school every day.
  • For safety and security, students are prohibited to bring valuable items such as jewelers, expensive electronic items etc to school.
  • Any extreme cases of performing misbehaviour in school, child may lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.