international boarding school in kerala

Stella Maris School is an international school that promotes international education. The first international schools were founded in countries such as japan, Switzerland and turkey. We always stand to provide the best quality education so as to be an international school in every aspect, moulding global citizens capable of leading a successful life around the world.


  • School library:– stellamaris school library space is fully equipped with books, computers and display facilities for student art and comfortable work spaces for individuals and class groups.
  • Lab facilities:- It help the students in experimental and observational learning. Practical work and hands-on experience provides for more effective learning.
  • Hostel facilities:- Student-faculty interaction can be experienced at its best by the students. Teaching methods of Stella Maris are more personalized as each student can get individual attention of the teachers who are staying in the hostel.
  • Kinder garten:- We provide children with a rich environment and tension free syllabus through play way method.
  • Transportation:-There are many school buses run to different parts of the city. Bus routes, stops and regarding all information can be got from the school office.
  • Study tours:- campus tours conducted by stellamaris boarding school are a great to learn if an institution is the right fit for a student and their family.
  • Sports and Games:-This helps to improve your health and character. Stella maris school is willing to give proper practice and guidance apart from academics.
  • Social service:-Stella maris teaches students to be concerned not only about himself but also for the welfare of our society.