top boarding school in kerala

Stella Maris international boarding school is one of the top schools in Kerala. As you may think, studying is a tedious task. But it is not like that. Just try by getting in to right habits can make studies easier. Here we go some study tips:

  • Create a comfort study space – distractions may challenge your focus, if you are in a lot of noise like television, gossiping etc. So select some places to study such as library, canteen, park, your backyard etc.
  • Put the mobile phone away – make sure that your phone is switched off or in silent condition, so that you can concentrate completely your subject.
  • Take lecture notes – jotting notes in classes will help you at the time of writing exams. These notes will retain in your memory.
  • Turn your notes in to flashcards – According to your creativity, you can include pictures, colours, designed words and so on.
  • Review your study materials – It’s better to recall your subject once in a week.
  • Form study groups – prepare interesting quiz competition among your friends in holidays. This will improve your interest in studies rather from boring.